Thursday, July 6, 2017

​ I Want To be a Woman, but Not REALLY

You wake up in the morning. You plant your feet firmly on the ground. You get your ass out of bed. You make your way to the bathroom for the first pee of the day.  It's going to be glorious!  Will I sit down or will I stand up to do my business, you ask yourself. This is usualy a question which only crosses the mind of somone with a penis.

"If I sit down to pee does that make me less of a man," you ask yourself. Sitting down to pee is, traditionally speaking, a feminine experience. What if I am a male and want to feel more feminine, is that a crime? It's not a crime you say? Then why do I get the feeling that something might be wrong with me? Why, as a society, have we created this binary system where it's ok for women to do some things men are not supposed to do and vise versa?

You decide to sit down to pee. You relax in the process. You realize, while the pee flows, that the world keeps spinning around the Sun. Noone died. You ask yourself, What is the big deal in men doing that which women do everyday? Why stop at "peeing like a woman?" Why not put on makeup? Why not walk in heels? Why not wear a dress? Certainly the Earth will keep revovlving around the Sun then right? Right.

As you may know, I do male-to-female makeovers where I take your regular Joe and make-him-over into a lovely lady.  I cannot begin to tell you the numerous times my clients have expressed to me how they have stopped themselves from experiencing the feminine side of life. This self-censoring is riddled with SHAME and insecurities based on what a "REAL MAN" should and should not do with his short time on Earth.  Not only are my clients stopping themselves from LOOKING like a woman but they are stopping themselves from FEELING the feminene side of life.  Day-in and day-out they wear a "masculine mask" which they feel obligated to wear.  This hurts their souls, this hurts the core of their being.  Usually, they contact me when they are done feeling hurt by this ridiculous gender binary system we live in, and are ready to set their inner feminine self free.

Many, if not most, of my clients do not want a "sex change."  They simply want to look and feel feminine.  They want to release into the "real word" their physical and emotional female representation: that "thing" they've kept secret, in many cases, for over a decade.  They want to feel FREE from this ridiculous binary gender system they were born into.  I provide a safe space where they can do so, and in the process we laugh and feel the beauty and sensuality Life provides.

In many, if not in most cases, it's not that my clients want to be "women" full time.  They simply want to experience the freedom of living Life's moments as a female without judgement.   I pride myself in providing a safe space where they can experience that very feeling.  To me, my client is beyond gender.  They are an emotional creature having a real life experience.

Gays and Transgender individuals have become very visible in the past few years.  However, when it comes to males that want to dress and feel more feminine part-time there has been little to no visibility in resent history in popular culture.  Being a crossdresser/transvestite is a valid human experience.  An experience that needs to be talked about.  At the end of the day, the Earth will revolve around the Sun whether you feel like a woman or a man.  And the most important take-away is that you are not alone in how you feel.  Like planets in our solar system, you are unique in our solar system but very similar to planets in the millions of solar systems in the universe.

Keep being your own planet and pee any which way feels right to you.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Newsletter June

Hi Dearest reader,

How are you?

Here is the latest news on our end: In the month of June we blogged about :

1. How has "Transitioning" affected my friendships?  
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2. Why are the Arts important for girls like us?  
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3. Update on my "Transitioning," Summer Reading, how we spent Father's Day, and our sexy client goes BLONDE? 
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Me photobombing one of my girls 
as she was taking a selfie after I gave her a makeover!

In June we did  7 Male-to-Female makeovers. 

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Me and the birthday girl waiting for an Uber 
after I dolled her up

In June we also did a femme Skype Session with a new girl who is 21 years old and just starting out in her crossdressing journey. We originally scheduled a 30 min session but I had so much to say that we went on for 50 mins at no additional charge. In the first half of the call I gave her the 411 on everything she will need to bring her femme self to life and make her femme self a part of her life going forward. I love coaching my girls in order for them to live a full happy life balancing their male and female lives.

I took 2 of my West Coast girls out for 
drinks after I did their makeup.  SUPER FUN!
(Sorry we can't reveal their identity) 

A sample of the beginning of a Skype session with one of my clients. I didn't record her voice during the conversation in order to protect her privacy. To learn more about the Gender Fun Skype Sessions click HERE

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Latest video clips.  
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Adrian L Acosta

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Life in the Month of June 2017 so far

It's been quite the month! And it ain't over yet.

If you're curious to know what's been going on in our world this busy month here's a few highlights so far.

Electrolysis update: This (above pic) is what I looked like yesterday at the electrolysis office. Can you see how there's a clearing in my cheeks? We seem to have killed that patch of hair for good. The rest of the beard is less thick as well. But it's going to take a while to kill all the hair.  I won't show you how swollen and red my face became after yesterday's session because I don't want you to lose your appetite. Today I still look a bit like the elephant man 🙁

Hair Update: You may have heard that I'm growing out my hair.  It is long enough that I started putting it behind my ears. Folks at the office I work at Tues-Fri have made comments such as "wow you're hair is getting long." One dude smiled and gave me a thumbs up. The rest said with a wink "there is something different about you." But you can tell they don't really care since my hair doesn't affect their job performance 😜 If anything they seem supportive of my physical changes.

​This month marked 15 years since I made my television debut on the first season of a show called Americn Idol. A moment in my life I will never forget no matter how much Amnesia I get.

We did male-to-female make up on two girls from the West Coast and then took them out on the town for drinks. I left them alone and went to the rest room, by the time I came back a guy was trying to pick them up.

We also did a makeover and two outfit photo shoot on a new girl from Peru.

We also did make up on one of our favorite girls from Spain and then went out for drinks

Vivian and I after a few drinks in the West Village NYC

We also did a MTF makeover at Blonde and Co, then a shoot with the model at Dennis Hopper's Daughter's (Marin Hopper) luxury boutique Hayward Luxury NYC. We finished the day making a 10 inch replica statue of her femme self in her fabulous evening gown at Doob. Red Letter Day for sure! I hope to have pics for sharing in the near future!

Michele as a blonde

This month we also convinced Michele to go blonde for the first time during her male-to-female makeover.  As you can tell by the photo above, blondes have more fun

We started reading this book and it's making us question: who is in change of having an orgasm? Are each and every one of us in charge of our own orgasm, or is our partner partly responsible for helping us reach orgasm?

Father's Day weekend my high school friend Christina and her 7 month old little girl from Florida came to visit. We did lots of picture taking , laughing, talking about Life's challenges, and changing diapers all over Manhattan.

Me, Christina, and Lady V in Central Park NYC

These two ladies have opened a place in my heart I didn't even know was there. I find myself super protected of them, so much so that a security guard at the Time Warner Center today saw us and he wished me a happy Father's Day. I'm more of a Manny than a father in this situation but I'm starting to see why parenting can be so appealing. And I can see why naps are also so appealing when parenting.

Me giving Lady V her bottle

I spent Father's Day in Central Park on a picnic blanket with this little one.  What a treat!

Lady V and me hanging out in Central Park NYC

There's the family we are born into, and then there is the Family we build.  I am grateful to be part of the happy family that composes my male-to-female clients and Christina and Lady V.  

Keep the ones you love close ladies and gents.

ps - I didn't get to dress in femme in the month of June due to the electrolysis sessions but lets see what July brings.

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